Social events - 15 May 2023

GeoQuizz | Discover the City of Namur heritage

Heritage has never been so much fun!

Discover and above all, have fun, with the riddles and questions of the City of Namur GeoQuizz.  It's very simple.  Just forget about downloading applications or creating thousands of accounts! You just have to go to with your phone.  When you are on the website, you are guided to choose a quiz that will help you discover the listed heritage of the place where you are.

Get ready to become the explorer of the day !

The topics of the questions are varied.  You will have to look for clues that relate to the historical and/or geographical aspect of the place. Also, you will be accompanied by a narrative voice in French who will be there to guide you in your quest. Don't worry, the quiz questions can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. So just have fun together!



Symposium dinner

The Gala dinner will take place at the Brasserie François.

Located on the Place Saint-Aubain, at the entrance to the old town of Namur, the Brasserie François is housed in an exceptional and timeless building, built in the 19th century.

When you push the door of this institution, you are immediately transported back to the tradition of the real Parisian brasseries. With its high ceilings, mouldings and chandeliers of the past, the large dining room with its 120 seats, preceded by a magnificent island bar, offers a friendly, relaxed and authentic atmosphere.