This page presents our 2023 exhibitors and sponsors (in alphabetic order).


Bio Services | One address for quality and service

Bio Services has been set up in the 1990's in Schaijk, the Netherlands. Bio Services is a European sales organisation, which co-operates exclusively with certified subcontractors. Most of our employees have 20 years or more work experience in the field. This is why Bio Services has become one of the leading companies in developing the supply and installation of products, which are mainly used in biomedical research.

Our main customers are pharmaceutical companies, universities, and laboratories for contract research.

Website: https://www.bio-services.nl/


BSI Software | Born adaptable

Every animal facility is unique. Processes that work well in one facility may not be effective in another. 

At BSI, we provide enos, an integrated software solution to efficiently manage resources in Laboratory Animal Research Facilities. enos allows to manage your vivarium-space, animal census and health records, equipment, personnel, processes and reports, with a consistent looking interface for the various personnel. Additionally, animal breeding, transgenics, drugs, consumables and specialized equipment can be managed.
A solution that fits!  We understand that every facility and use case is unique. We start by working closely with our clients to review processes, workflows and requirements. We continue our service with planning and delivering the installation, training and deployment phases, and by providing continued support and guidance thereafter.
enos leverages the latest web technology to make your data secure and available on all platforms, PC, tablets, smartphones, all you need is a web browser. enos is available via a subscription service, making it easy to start-up and scale capacity up or down. The platform is generally hosted on the Cloud for easy and direct 24/7 and mobile access and can also be hosted on clients’ servers (“on-premises") if required.

 Website: https://poweredbyenos.com/


Carfil Quality | Nutrition, care and housing for laboratory animals

Carfil Quality has been operating on the market as a total supplier for research centres, universities and pharmaceutical companies for more than 40 years. Carfil has become a household name in the life science sector.
CEO Philippe Huybrechts and his team attach great importance to personal contact with customers, quick service and high quality.
The Carfil Quality range includes diets, bedding, cage enrichment, research animals (spf rabbits and mini pigs from a barrier with health certificate), housing, identification, anaesthetic materials,disinfection with H2O2 and cleaning products.

Website: https://www.carfil.eu/en

Lifescienceequipment, a sister company, is a good example that circular economy is also possible in the life science sector. This website offers new, second-hand or refurbished equipment.

Website: https://www.lifescienceequipment.eu/en


Charles River Laboratories | Every step of the way

In the rapidly-evolving world of biomedical science, Charles River’s comprehensive portfolio of research models and services allows us to help our clients research, discover, and develop new therapies. Our global network of commercial breeding facilities; rigorous genetic standards; and core values of animal welfare, biosecurity, and the 3Rs uniquely position us to support your specific research needs.

  • Research Animal Models: high-quality inbred, outbred, disease, and immunodeficient models; JAX® Mice,
  • Genetically Engineered Models & Services: contract breeding, model creation, embryology services, and genetic testing services,
  • Research Animal Diagnostics: diagnostic services, including environmental and microbiome testing, serology reagents, and more,
  • Surgery & Preconditioning Services: multiple species, animal identification, dosing, custom diets, and aging services,
  • Insourcing Solutions®: Training, staffing and other support services, including facility management and vivarium rental.

Website: https://www.criver.com/ 


Envigo/Inotiv | Dicovery and Development CRO

At Envigo (future company name Inotiv), we are dedicated to helping you secure the potential of your product by providing you with a comprehensive selection of research animals, diets and health monitoring with our ongoing investment in infrastructure and services like breeding and transportation.

Website: https://www.inotivco.com/


Etisense | Telemetric jackets for rodents

Etisense is a French MedTech company specializing in developing non-invasive physiological monitoring instruments used in translational research. Etisense expertise ranges from e-textile to embedded electronics and signal processing analysis and software, in order to provide our users with reliable parameters that are easy to read and to operate.

Our first product, DECRO®, is an external telemetry solution which monitors cardiorespiratory function and activity index from 1 up to 8 freely-moving animals simultaneously. DECRO solution allows researchers to combine end-points to save time and resources, to have easily and quickly access to relevant data and to care about animal welfare (refine and reduce). Built as a platform, the solution can seamlessly study multiple species (rats, guinea-pigs, minipigs) and incorporate additional features.

Website: https://www.etisense.com 

Fine Science Tool | A Worldwide, Research-Centered Business

For over 48 years, the Fine Science Tools (FST) Group has been the leading distributor of precision European surgical and microsurgical instruments and laboratory accessories.
At FST, we precisely craft over 1,000 products, and serve thousands of customers in universities, research facilities, biotech, and scientific institutions worldwide.

We team with over 70 business partners, and are working with over 50 distributors, all well-known in the fields of laboratory sales and surgical equipment.
All of our European manufacturers and suppliers are ISO 9001 certified and all of our employees at our three offices support the wide-ranging needs of our scientific and biomedical research communities around the globe.  

Website: https://www.finescience.de/en-GB/

IDEXX BioAnalytics

At IDEXX BioAnalytics we’re dedicated to supporting your research needs by providing fast, accurate and reliable results— along with expert consultation you can access directly, for even greater insight. IDEXX BioAnalytics delivers comprehensive animal health monitoring, biological materials testing and preclinical services so you can test with confidence.

Website: https://www.idexxbioanalytics.com 

Instech Laboratories, Inc. | Rodent infusion products & laboratory equipment

Instech Laboratories, Inc. designs and manufactures 3Rs-friendly products for rodent infusion, sampling and oral gavage, including: sterile lock and flush solutions, catheters, tethers, Vascular Access Buttons™, swivels, infusion pumps, automated blood samplers and animal feeding tubes.

Website: https://www.instechlabs.com/

Janvier Labs | Focus on your research success

Janvier Labs is a 60 years partner in the field of biomedical research steadily providing academia, biotech, pharma and CROs with rodent research models and services.

Wild-type and GEM up to humanized models, together with a unique combination of services including model creation and characterization, contract breeding, Janvier Labs enables R&D programs.

Our live colonies are bred at the largest and most modern facilities in Europe (France), under full-time animal husbandry, scientific and veterinary care.

15 of the 20 TOP pharma and biotech companies and major institutes are currently partnering with us to lead successful projects.
To prepare tomorrow’s challenges, Janvier Labs established key partnerships with renown experts (Ciphe, France) to develop innovative new models and services.

Website: https://janvier-labs.com/en/

QM Diagnostics - Independent and innovative diagnostic microbiological laboratory

For more than 45 years, QM Diagnostics have been providing diagnostic services to the in vivo research community. Originally founded by the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, NL, our roots are in academic research, and while we are now a dedicated provider of diagnostic solutions to both public and private institutions, we have never forgotten our heritage - generating and sharing knowledge.

Today, we have a state-of-the-art laboratory with the newest technologies and platforms to provide a broad range of diagnostic services tailored to in vivo research institutions.

We believe that laboratory animal health diagnostics are much more than just generating test results. Our team of experienced professionals provide support from the design of the surveillance program all the way to the source identification and recovery plan following an infection.

Website: https://qmdiagnostics.org/


SCANBUR | Improving life sciences

A family-owned company with more than 50 years of experience, a leading global provider of Life Science solutions.

We design, produce and provide innovative and superior biomedical research animal vivarium equipment which exceeds industry standards; rodent housing systems, associated air handling units, laminar air flow cage changing and cage cleaning stations, decontamination barrier air showers.

Moreover, we supply bedding and nesting materials as well as an extensive range of enrichments for animal welfare excellence.

Website : www.scanbur.com

Steelco | Cleaning and sterilization systems for healthcare

Part of the Miele Group, Steelco is today one of the world’s leading infection control manufacturers developing, manufacturing, and supplying solutions for the cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of medical devices that maximize safety, optimize processes and minimize costs. A tailor-made selection of state-of-the-art equipment and accessories, advanced technical solutions, and automation integration guarantees workflow optimization, maximum efficiency, and reliable results.

Website: https://www.steelcogroup.com/ 

Technilab-BMI | Your partner in biomedics, pharmacy, healthcare and biosafety

Provide high-quality scientific research. That's what we are pursuing at Tecnilab-BMI. We offer sophisticated solutions for safe and efficient production facilities and high-quality care. That is why we only work with the leading suppliers. And we are personally involved with your question from A to Z. Whether it is about containment control or an automated washing area.

Tecnilab-BMI provides comprehensive services for biomedical facilities and pharmaceutical plants, healthcare and biosafety. Sometimes that's specialist advice, sometimes a quick product delivery. But it is always a practical solution that contributes to the optimal execution of research, production or care. Naturally in accordance with legal regulations and standards. And has been for over 20 years.

Website: https://tecnilab-bmi.nl/

Triple A Trading | Your reliable partner for laboratory products

We started with the production of a water replacement in 1996, now we can offer 13 different pure biological Solid Drink® products.

We represent ACS IVC technology in the E.U., no power consumption, almost no maintenance, no noise, no ultrasound and much more advantages.

Triple A represent Gruenberg TPS in the E.U. successfully, also this is a green solution because the power consumption and maintenance is much lower compared with an autoclave while it offers the same possibilities. No steam needed!

We successfully offer a line of filter transport boxes made of AkyLux®, they are mostly delivered flat as self-build.

Last but not least we offer Mice Bunkers, cage enrichment made in the E.U.

Since we really do our best to be a “green” company and we are not only traders but also producers we will soon change our name into "3AT-Bio", green and biological solutions for you.

Website: https://www.tripleatrading.nl 


UNO Life Science Solutions | Providing the most effective solutions for design and use of test environments in life science research

UNO Life Science Solution is your partner in Life Science Research.

We provide solutions in:

  • Research Equipment [RE]
  • Housing [HO]
  • Anesthesia [AN]
  • Identification [ID]
  • Disposables [DS]
  • Handling [HA]
  • Custom Design(s)
  • Service & Training [SE]

Website: https://uno-lifescience.com/