Thinking inside the box: an evolving approach to rodent pathogen detection methods

Speaker: DVM Cécile Fant, Vetenarian at Charles River Laboratories


Many life science research facilities have actively sought out PCR-based screening methods to both improve detection of infectious agents and support the 3Rs. If your team wants to achieve these goals, join our seminar to learn about:

  • How cage type influences sampling options
  • The implementation of PCR-based methods for infectious agent detection
  • The evolution of using contact media exposure in soiled bedding
  • A case study investigating the standardization of contact media agitation

Speaker short CV

Cécile Fant is currently in the division in charge of veterinary affairs, health diagnostics, surgery, and biosecurity at Charles River Laboratories France.

After obtaining a veterinary doctorate (ENV Lyon – 2015), Dr Fant obtained a PhD in immuno-oncology, leading her to acquire expertise on in vivo models used in oncology (INSERM U1032 – 2020). She is currently a scientific expert and support in Charles River Laboratories in the fields of health monitoring, surgery refinements, veterinary care and animal welfare.