The Digital Vivarium anno 2023: Evolutions, experiences and results benefiting facility management, animal welfare and science

Speaker: Giorgio Rosati, Senior Product Manager Digilab at Tecniplast Spa (part of Tecnilab-BMI)


Since the last BCLAS symposium in 2019, the Digilab and Digital Ventilated Cage (DVC) 24/7 cage monitoring portfolio continued to evolve towards an easy to use, powerful and affordable tool to boost facility management towards 24/7 Digital Vivarium status.

With the introduction of the latest Emerald IVC line, DVC upgrade, procedure workflows and features became substantially easier without losing is initial power and robustness.

In this interactive workshop will provide an overview of the latest evolutions explained by means of user experiences and results demonstrating the power of the Digital Vivarium facility management, animal welfare and research.

Speaker short CV

Giorgio Rosati is the Senior Product Manager at Tecniplast Italy in the DIGILAB Dpt.

Giorgio is an Electronic Engineer specialised in Bioengineering. He has been hired by Tecniplast in 2011 to build up a new digital department devoted to supporting and complementing standard Tecniplast products with Digital solutions.

Giorgio is friendly considered as the grandfather of the DVC system, the innovative digital housing solution for mice that is revolutionising the way of housing animals in the Animal Facility and in the research labs.