Zebrafish welfare

Speaker: Dr Charlotte Philippe - UAntwerpen


In 2019 the Flemish department on animal welfare launched a call for the development of a guidance document regarding the welfare of zebrafish in laboratory animal facilities. This task was taken up at Antwerp University, by Dr. Charlotte Philippe under the guidance of Prof. Dries Knapen. Based on extensive literature research, and some of their own dedicated research, the guidance document has now been finalized. Dr. Charlotte Philippe will present the main advice on the management, care and use of zebrafish in the lab, after which your questions will be answered. This session is highly recommended for anyone wishing to be up to date on the knowledge regarding the most emerging animal species used in the lab.

Note: the presentation will be in English, but questions can be answered either in Dutch or in French.

Speaker short CV

I am an experimental ichthyologist, experienced in managing killifish and zebrafish lab cultures. My research domains include aquatic ecotoxicology and fish welfare. I finished my PhD in 2018 at KULeuven, did a post-doc at University of Antwerp and I’m currently exploring new positions.