Gaseous Anaesthesia for small rodent applications: Evolution, Safety Guidelines and Good (User) Practices

Speaker: Dr Ismael Daher, Business Development Manager at Temsega (Part of Tecnilab-BMI)


In this interactive workshop will provide a brief historical resume of anaesthesia methods:

  • Gaseous anaesthesia nowadays recommendations and guidelines
  • Isoflurane vs injectable anaesthesia vs sevoflurane: advantages and disadvantages
  • Gaseous aneasthesia: how to use in optimal conditions
  • How to prevent associated risks, isoflurane extraction and user safety

Speaker short CV

Master degree obtained in biomedical sciences, neurosciences and behavioral studies. Several internships in England, Ivory Coast and France.

PhD obtained in 2016, in the laboratory of neurovascular interactions, NeoVasc, in Rouen. We focused on preventing the cerebral lesions in the premature newborn, which resulted in 2 scientific publications.

Business development manager at Temsega, in 2018, company specialized in the anaesthesia and gas flow management for laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.