Automated Blood Sampling; does it contribute to the 3R’s?

Speaker: Edwin Spoelstra, MSc, Business Development Manager - UNO Life Science Solutions


Acute blood sampling techniques such as facial vein and tail vein are commonly used techniques to obtain blood samples from mice and rats. These acute techniques require the animal to be restrained; physically (immobilization) or chemically (anesthesia). Restraint compromises the “true" value of blood drug concentration. Freely moving blood sampling - indwelling catheters - is the preferred method to obtain these “true” values. Automated blood sampling (ABS) in combination with freely moving animals can further contribute for obtaining “true” values of blood drug concentration. ABS significantly contributes not only to the “true” blood drug value but moreover contributes to the reduction of animals needed in stress prone research. Park at al. were able to investigate the difference (significant) in stress responds between wild type- and pendrin knock out mice.

Speaker short CV

During my study Pharmacy I became interested in the field of laboratory animal science. The course molecular pharmacology (set up by Prof. Dr. R. Remie at the Pharmacy department) was my first introduction with laboratory animal surgery; catheterized rats for serial blood sampling. In 2000 I graduated in Neurochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Groningen, writing my dissertation on the development of experimental techniques in mice and training my surgical skills with Hans Bartels (rodent surgeon) at the Central Laboratory Animal Facilities; catheterizations in rats and mice, endotracheal intubation and intracerebral micro-dialysis. After my research at the University of Groningen I became instructor at the International Micro-surgery Training Center (now RRSSC) in Lelystad. I have worked for several LifeScience companies such as Dilab, Instech Solomon, Harlan, BASi, SAI-Infusion and TSE Systems. I am a strong advocator for ethical surgical- and laboratory practise. Currently I am working as business development manager at UNO Life Science Position.